Dental Emergencies

Active families, especially children and teens, are constantly on the go, and kids are
always involved in their fair share of accidents. If any member of your family
experiences a dental emergency, we want you to call us right away. We provide an
emergency number to our patients, which you can call in the event of an emergency
after hours. We want to give you the peace of mind you need to trust us with your
children’s dental care. You have your pledge that our team will be there for you if your
child’s dental well-being may be in jeopardy.

If you do face an emergent situation, we have a few pieces of advice for you on how to
best handle them. Print this list out and keep in on your refrigerator or put it near your
emergency telephone numbers, and refer to it until you can see the doctor.

Bitten Lip or Tongue? Dental Emergencies

In the event your child bites their tongue or lip and blood is drawn, gently clean the
wound with water. You will also need to use a cold, wet cloth or an icepack to reduce
pain and swelling. Make sure you press down firmly to help the wound to stop bleeding.
If you want to give our office a call to assist you in determining the severity of the bite,
we encourage you to do so. If you’re worried, we want to help soothe your fears.

Objects Stuck in the Teeth

If you find that your child has a piece of food or another object caught between their
teeth, then try and use floss to take it out. It is never a good idea to use any tool or
object made of metal to help dislodge an object that is stuck between the teeth. If you
can’t remove the object with floss, then call us!

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

In the event your child chips or breaks off one of their teeth, make sure you have them
rinse their mouth out with warm water and use an icepack to help with any swelling. If
possible, locate the tooth or tooth fragment and save it to bring to us, and give us a call

A Knocked Out Tooth

The first step here is to locate the tooth, rinse with water only, and then try to put the
tooth back in the socket it was dislodged from. You can use a clean towel or cloth to
hold it in place, if necessary. If you can’t put the tooth back in, place it in a clean
receptacle filled with milk. Make sure you call us directly or take your child – along with
the tooth – to the emergency room. If you act quickly, a permanent tooth can be saved
in many cases. If it’s a baby tooth, make sure to call our office to schedule an
appointment to ensure that no permanent damage took place.