Digital X-Rays

At our Youngstown offices, Jamboree Dental is proud to offer many of the latest and greatest technologies available, including digital x-rays. X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool for our team, and important to your family’s continued oral health. Here are some of the most common questions our patients ask about this exciting new technology.

What are Digital X-Rays?

The x-rays we perform in our office are also called radiographs. We use them help us diagnose dental diseases and problems including tooth infections or cysts, loss of bone, growths, tooth decay, developmental irregularities, improper tooth or root positions and problems under the gum line. This tool is particularly helpful to our dentists because it helps to literally give us a picture inside of your child’s mouth and to help us see what is going on.

How Often are They Necessary?

Every mouth is unique and because of this, we have no one-size-fits-all answer to how often a child, teen or adult should have x-rays taken. We will only take radiographs of your child’s mouth after reviewing their health and dental history, and after performing a thorough exam. We use this tool only when we know it will be useful in diagnosing a problem, or to provide detailed information that physical exam cannot.

Generally speaking, however, children do tend to have more radiographs done than adults. Their mouths are constantly growing and changing and because of this we may need an updated look at what is going on. Children are also more susceptible than grown-ups to tooth decay. If your child or teen has an unusually high risk of tooth decay or structural problem, they may have this procedure done every six months to a year.

How Safe are X-Rays?

Our team places your child’s safety as their top priority. Even though the amount of radiation your child will experience during an x-ray is very small, we still want to minimize their exposure as much as possible. We employ many safeguards to protect your child during this procedure. It is important to remember, however, that the risk is far smaller from an x-ray than from an undetected and untreated dental issue.

Our Safeguards

Every child is fitted with a lead body apron during a radiograph as well as any necessary shields to protect them. This equipment filters out unnecessary x-rays and restricts the beam to the area which is being filmed. Digital x-rays and proper shielding make sure that your child receives the smallest amount of exposure possible.

If you have any other concerns or questions about our offices’ use of x-rays, please feel free to call us at our Youngstown, Ohio office!